Thursday, November 18, 2010


This chart is great, simply because it is quite a fantastic array of personal failings.

Other notes:
  • Man people over 65 hate "Darwinists."
  • Who are these people who disagree with this sentence: "If your party nominated a generally well-qualified person would you consider voting for this person if you learned that they are competent"?
  • People would prefer someone be violent than improperly claim government hand-outs. Okay.
  • Atheist = Muslim = Scientologist. Great.


Ian Thal said...

You would think that if the survey takers included Muslim, Atheist, Mormon, Scientologist, "dabbled in witchcraft" and even "photographed in Nazi uniform" they would at least also include "Jew."

I'm really curious why that question isn't being asked. Are the pollsters afraid of the answers?

CultureFuture said...

That's a good question. I was going to say it's because almost all of those are in reference to existing politicians, but I realized even Eric Cantor is a contender.

No good answer to that.

Ian Thal said...

Yeah, but there are just enough Jewish Republicans, like Cantor, to make it an issue also remember the scuttlebutt that McCain did float the idea of Lieberman has his running mate until the party leadership told him that the rank-and-file would never accept it.

When you keep in mind that the most recent FBI report on hate crimes in the United States shows that the Jewish community is one of the most targeted groups in the country (along with LGBTs and Blacks), something that neither Muslims, Mormons, Athiests, or Scientologists (who I guess are too statistically insignificant to gather stats on) it's pretty bloody relevant.

The stats are interesting, and since you're good with numbers, you might have fun tracking the number of hate crimes with percentage of population