Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Local Election Reactions


California: Seems to have rejected Proposition 19 in almost exactly the same disappointing come down as the Proposition 8 narrative. Between medicinal marijuana and decriminalization of marijuana, it was kind of hard to keep up the momentum for such a big change. And no guarantee that it would actually be legal; since, of course, it's still a Federal crime.

More worrying than that, though, is the fact that Steve Cooley, the Republican candidate for Attorney General, appears to have won -- his history is in being one of the biggest-names in anti-marijuana forces around Los Angeles that consider dispensaries illegal.

Ah well. Enjoy your slow collapse into decrepitude with Jerry Brown.

New York: Cuomo, meh. Democrats everywhere. The only Democrat I opposed, Vito Lopez (of threatening-old-ladies and building-a-clubhouse fame) was re-elected too. Term limits are probably restored, hopefully the tightening of conflict-of-interest laws passed too. Not much to care about, overall.