Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hamlet Opens Tonight!

Alright, so I'm poking my head out of the hiatus-land for a moment just to remind everyone that my theater company, Organs of State, is performing Hamlet starting tonight. Seriously, buy a ticket or come find us at the Paradise Factory at 64 E 4th St. in Manhattan. It'll give you something to do that's out of the cold, and is genuinely fun.

Seriously, this is not only a really brilliant staging of Hamlet, but it's actually fun. You'll spend as much time laughing as you will thinking.

Oh, and not to toot my director's horn too hard, but I think he's solved The Ophelia Problem.

And if you do come see it, say hello to me in the Box Office! And I'd love to hear your feedback afterwards or read it online as comments on this post or posts on your own blog!