Monday, February 15, 2010


I feel like this is so very charmingly naive on the part of Hulu. Will I put a little of my time to help with the better distribution of advertising? Sure, Hulu. I'd love to.

(I seriously do plan to return to posting things of actual cultural significance soon, but I read all of Lyotard's The Postmodern Condition and What is Postmodernism? in one weekend, and the heady postmodernist theory has made my brain cloudy and brought out innate aggression towards children in me, so I'm taking a breather before I return to what I do).


Scott Walters said...

OMG! To Lyotard's in a weekend. You must be mired in a pit of despair. Lyotard's "we're all fucked by the post-industrial system and there is no way around it" attitude is enough to induce paralysis -- moral paralysis, at the least. What prompted you to do such a thing???

CultureFuture said...

Your existential horror is mirrored by my own. Its the first book I've ever read that has had me nearly shouting at it in the middle of the Subway, with margin notes like "NO." and "WTF??"

As to what prompted me to write it, I'm working on a thesis to finish off my degree that basically is using Pragmatic philosophy (William James and Harry Frankfurt) to try and propose ways to move forward from the more anarchic or nihilist strains of postmodern art. My thesis adviser pointed me towards Lyotard as someone I will have to contend with.