Thursday, February 11, 2010

How We Connect

Regionally, according to an analysis of Facebook. You can find the tool they're using here.

(New Zealand's #1 like is Outrageous Fortune, which for a moment made me think they were super in to the terrible fate facing American Playwrights, but instead (and far more logically) it's a New Zealand TV Show.)

Anyways, the clusters of America tend to ring true, and it might be useful information when tackling figuring out how to decentralize the American Theater -- what networks are already out there?

(BTW - I would have though that all of New York's top 10 most connected regions would be other major metropolitans, but it's a mix between places like Los Angeles (its top connection) and Suffolk County, NY and Nassau County, NY. That seems like what you might expect, but compare to Washington D.C., whose closest major connection is Baltimore.)