Friday, January 11, 2013

QUOTE OF THE DAY (Four Days Ago)

In a particularly silly essay for the Wall Street Journal last week, critic Joseph Epstein wrote, “[Lyricist Yip] Harburg believed it was the political dimension ‘that Bernard Shaw added to all of his plays that makes him alive forever.’ Truth is, Shaw isn’t any longer much alive, nor are most of his plays. A more recent, even more political playwright, Bertolt Brecht, is even deader.
- George Hunka
Hah. What a great opening graf.

UPDATE: Actually, I may like this one better (added bonus, it's in a footnote):
It is not one of those “serious” American plays of which, like many, it could be said, “And of course it’s very funny” — a construction and concept which may be the “I was only following orders” of contemporary American drama.
George Hunka's blog is very serious, and of course, it's very funny.