Monday, January 21, 2013

PLUG: Jobs at Fractured Atlas

Hey you -- yes, you. Fractured Atlas is one of the coolest places to work in America, and they do great work for the arts community. And they're also hiring two jobs, a program associate:

  • Front-line customer service for all of our core member programs.
  • Membership support: process dues payments, assist with membership changes and terminations, maintain member database, organize and maintain member files.
  • Fiscal sponsorship program support: educate members about fundraising in the arts, process donations and fund release checks, review solicitation materials, process member Materials for the Arts and Costume Collection applications.
  • Insurance program support: educate members about insurance in general and our plans specifically, assist members with applications and obtaining quotes, policies or certificates, process payments, renewals, terminations, and claims.
  • Professional Development program support: assist members with online courses and international artist visas.
  • Assist with outreach events in the NYC area for programs and advocacy efforts and carry out special projects as they arise.
  • Assist Program Directors with program development, expansion and technical enhancements.
As well as a developer:

  1. Strong command of Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  2. Experience with Rails Engines, Rspec, Cucumber, and Git
  3. Understanding of good usability and what makes users go crazy
  4. Ability to read a support ticket that makes no sense at all and translate that into a deployed bug fix and a satisfied user.
Apply. I have it on good authority that they have a Wii room! And also they do valuable work for the arts community. Apply!