Monday, March 7, 2011

How You Get Found

What I love about Ken Davenport's blog is that it really is delightfully honest about how things work uptown. For instance, he recounts today about how he found himself in the audience of an off-off-Broadway show.

Here's the thought process:
  1. What a great title and presentation! Sounds interesting. Not going to see it.
  2. Someone whose opinion I really trust is big on this show. Not going to see it.
  3. The show was a big financial success in Seattle and has great reviews. Not going to see it.
  4. The Edge went to see it. Now you have my attention.
So, there's the lesson for you kids: it's not about how good your work is, it's about your ability to get The Edge to buy tickets.


isaac butler said...

Here's a question tho:

Do you really want to try all that hard to get someone in the industry to see your show if that person is the kind of person who is only going to see it if a celebrity goes and sees it?

Because-- and I mean no slight on Ken, who I like and I think might even cop to what I'm about to say-- but it seems to me that what Ken is about is not what you (or I or basically any other reader of this blog) is about.

CultureFuture said...

Oh, agreed. I wouldn't mind saying hi to Ken but he's certainly not an inhabitant of the world I work in.

I just get frustrated watching a lot of my talented friends working so hard to get people like Ken to see them or love them. And certainly anyone outside of our field assumes that someone like Ken is the sort of person I see myself as being one day.

And I don't know about the readers of my blog. I don't tend to assume that they're necessarily off-off/blogosphere insiders.