Monday, March 7, 2011

Another Bite For Spidey

Man, of all the publications I thought I'd be reading about Spiderman's misfortunes, I didn't expect to be reading about it in Fedblog, the unofficial blog for federal employees.

Still, since the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is doling out a $12,000 fine for workplace safety violations, it seems appropriate.

(UPDATE: Okay, somehow I got it into my head that Fedblog - and its parent enterprise, Government Executive Magazine - was an official venture of a federal employee's union. Ian Thal corrected me, and I have corrected this.)


Ian Thal said...

It's not the official blog for federal employees. It doesn't appear to have any government authorization.

CultureFuture said...

You're absolutely right. Don't know how that got into my head... I thought it was affiliated with a union. Will correct.

Ian Thal said...

If it were union, it would have a banner for the American Federation of Government Employees or the AFL-CIO, with which the AFGE is affiliated.