Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Even CPAC conservatives can't hang out with racists?

(Update: It's worth remembering that every crowd or organization has a diversity of views on individual subjects. The guy with the mutton chops who tells the racist that he doesn't represent Ron Paul, well, he's the one shouting 'Show us the Shekels' at Dick Cheney. But whoever took this video did a good job of not simply running a hatchet job on CPAC and showing the juicy racism.)

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Ian Thal said...

Younger folk are less racist (and homophobic) in general, even if they are reactionary on economic issues and foreign policy.

On the other hand, remember that there are plenty of people who think themselves to be anti-racist but are still prone to obvious anti-Semitic acts like shouting "show me the shekels" by claiming Jews aren't a race.

Ron Paul, of course casts a wide ideological net amongst his followers ranging from libertarians who are neutral on race to white nationalists like Kelso.