Saturday, September 11, 2010

Legal Commentary: Ninth Circuit Court Ruling in Three Words

Gamestop is Fucked.


isaac butler said...

this is so deeply fucked up i don't even know where to begin. through a mixture of defining both corporate and intellectual property rights way too broadly, we're now infringing on individual property rights. this is absurd.

CultureFuture said...

The problem is that there is an accepted class of software delivered by license (I'm thinking of enterprise software, which requires a lot of maintenance and cost on the back-end -- I work for an enterprise software company).

The fact that no legal limitations have been put on what can be considered "licensed" and what can be considered "property" has led to, basically, taking the company's word for it. And obviously they don't want to sell you anything, they'd much prefer to license it to you. Rental over sales.

I think it comes down to the fact that we need a sort of legal summit to consider what, exactly, property means in the realm of digital media. Because most legal definitions have stopped making sense.