Thursday, September 30, 2010


Here's where you can see journalism failing us.

The New York Times has the story here (and also here) that I'm sure everyone has heard of this point, of the violinist student who committed suicide after his roommate live broadcast his physical relationship with another male student, and attempted to continue doing that.

It's part of a basic story of bullying gays that is an old story, but here it has a dramatic ending.

Now, here's another high-profile story, in the Michigan Daily, about the Assistant Attorney General in Michigan who decided to wage a hate campaign against a student body president for being gay.

Wouldn't the New York Times (being the later of the two), be doing us a great service to connect those two stories together? In case you're wondering what's so heinous about what the Assistant Attorney General's actions (which you shouldn't be), isn't it that it could result in what's so tragic about the first story?

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