Monday, September 20, 2010

Guy Pimps Himself Out Again

From time to time, I take to this blog to remind you readers that I really am primarily a theatermaker, in that I make theater. Well, this week and next you have some prime opportunities to see me in action:

Pipeline Theater company, who I reviewed here, is organizing their second Brave New Works evening of new works tonight at 8PM, at The Wings Theater (154 Christopher St). I'm going to be performing a one-person clown act there, so don't miss it! Full details here.

Our own show opens tomorrow night. It's a show I wrote and am performing in, a post-apocalyptic film noir unrequited homosexual love story. Eagle-eyed readers will note that we performed an early version of this at the last Brave New Works; this is a full-length version, and we're very proud of our work.

Performances are tomorrow night, as well as next Monday and Tuesday at 8PM at The Wings Theater (154 Christopher Street). Information at our website.

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