Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Star Trek News

Alright, I have some serious news to discuss.

1) The Borg are responsible for Health Care.

2) Kirstie Alley was Lieutenant Saavik? I mean, Lieutenant Saavik? I just lost a piece of my childhood.


RVCBard said...

She was Saavik in "Wrath of Khan," where she didn't get it on with Spock, so it's all good.

CultureFuture said...

Absolutely right on that one, and I always liked "Search for Spock" and "Undiscovered Country" better.

And she almost wound up in "Undiscovered Country":


Ian Thal said...

1.) Universal health care seems like something that almost all Federation worlds would supportanyway.

2.) What's the problem, and how many years of being a Trek fan did it take for you to realize this?

CultureFuture said...

1) Universal Health Care is something that I think the Federation supplied... Nobody on Star Trek DS-9 ever had to whip out medical insurance to get care.

Aw man, that was an opportunity to create a campaign ad targeted at the "Undecided Star Trek Fan" vote... show a Ferengi doctor operating on a Ferengi, and then sticking him with a bill for millions of Latinum bars and blaming it on a pre-existing condition, and then having Julian Bashir operating on someone and then saying, 'Don't worry... your health care is paid for.'"

2) Back when I was a true Trekkie, I had no idea who Kirstie Alley was. My trek card sort of lapsed over the years, as I got sucked into "theater" and "pursuing a degree." This year has been about me and my roommates stumbling over Star Trek and remembering our past loves -- finding The Original Series on CBS.com, finding my roommate's Wrath of Kahn VHS in his closet, Hulu uploading Star Trek Generations, finding the second Battle with the Borg on YouTube...

Ian Thal said...

I've always been pretty amazed by the sheer number of reactionary Star Trek fans who never get the political subtext of the show-- only to get freaked out when Avery Brooks was cast as commander on DS9 or to discover that Patrick Stewart played a gay man in a feature film that had nothing to do with Trek.

It's pretty obvious that the Federation does not operate by free market principles.