Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Organs of State: Audience Review

My friend Ben Lundberg runs a little group called The Orange Hats (website on its way) who record audience responses after performances both in the United States and Johannesburg. The idea is to create an archive of audience response, so that shows will be able to look back at how they were received. Obviously, the audience is at the center of the work, and therefore it is interesting to see what they thought.

With that in mind, The Orange Hats just put out the video for our production of Hamlet. A couple of you readers (including someone who said they read it obsessively! music to my ears) can compare the video to your own personal recollection of the show -- the rest of you will be able to get a taste of what you missed.

(Bonus: I appear in the background of one of the interviews wearing an argyle sweater and a backpack).

The Orange Hats: NYC - Organs of State presents HAMLET from Ben Lundberg on Vimeo.

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