Thursday, March 18, 2010

American Citizen Terrorists

It feels like there's a lot of them lately. Is that why the no-fly list doubled since Christmas?


Ian Thal said...

What's new here is that these terrorists with American citizenships are acting on an international scale. Previously, most notable instances of American terrorism have been essentially domestic in both scope and aim.

CultureFuture said...

I guess the question I had when I read this is "is this new or are we only tracking in on this now?" After all, it was the Napolitano Dept of Homeland Security that began raising awareness of extremism amongst American citizens, and if you were to tell me that the Obama Administration is more concerned with international terrorism as opposed to terrorism against America, I wouldn't be surprised. But I don't have any evidence of a change in enforcement policy.

Ian Thal said...

Certainly during the mid-1990s we had an increase in extremist domestic terrorism in the United States, though it seemed to be more associated to be traditional right-wing extremists like the anti-federal militia movement, or anti-abortion terrorists (my own neighborhood was struck twice in a day by the same gunman back in '94.)

The novelty is that these terrorists is both the international scope of their activities and the fact that they motivated by Islamic fundamentalism.

Of course it also appears we're being hit with an increase in the traditional brand of nativist white supremacist, anti-federalist, and anti-abortion terrorist activity over the past year-and-a-half as well.