Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thin Thoughts: Kerfufle

Things you learn when you research: I just turned on Google Webmaster tools, so I can see how many people are following me (16 RSS feed subscribers and 4 Google followers, and I love each and every one of you).

Fun fact: If you Google the word "Kerfufle" (the mispelling of the word "Kerfuffle"), my opinions on the "Health-Care Kerfufle" come up at position #2. I was thinking of fixing that typo, and then I realized I'd lose all that valuable traffic...

Also, the easiest way to find my blog is to google Kalpen Modi. I guess that's why the Big Hollywood crowd found this blog.

Which reminds me: today I've committed to myself to write that blog post I hinted about earlier, about the origin of the grassroots and whether governments/campaigns can interact with them without rendering them as astro-turf.