Thursday, October 8, 2009

Contributions to Createquity

Hello readers,

My apologies for having left you behind somewhat, after a productive summer. I have lately been rather drawn in to the actual practice of the arts--putting up a show, working on publishing, etc. and therefore have not had the time to write at length about the things that go behind it.

Part of this, as well, has been that my time for writing arts policy was spent very productively: I'm pleased to announce that my first contribution to the fine blog Createquity is up. It's an analysis at length of a report called Breakthroughs in Shared Measurement, a report which I think is one of the most important reports to hit the public in recent days.

Createquity is one of the few extremely high quality arts policy analysis blogs, and it was an honor when Ian Moss contacted me about contributing. He has been very supportive of this little blog here, and it was great to get to write for him.

Anyways, stop reading this post. Go and see my analysis. I promise I'll have fresh content here soon.