Saturday, December 1, 2012

PRAGMATIC: Art Is For Lovers

RVCBard has a great post on writing theater for fandom. Meanwhile, Seth Godin is writing about creating products for customers who care. These are related ideas, in my mind. If you're going to imagine someone outside of yourself engaging to the work you create, you should imagine someone incredibly excitable and passionate -- who, given the right consumption, will come out swinging for you.

That's all. Go read those posts.


RVCBard said...

Thanks for the signal boost.

One thing that is sort of difficult about fandom is that it's so geographically dispersed. This is in direct contrast to theatre, which is by necessity very local. If there were a way to get fandom in one place for a few hours (or a couple of days), that would be the ideal scenario. Barring that, creating a way to bring the work and the entire rehearsal process to a place where many fans converge would be great too.

Guy Yedwab said...

That was something I thought about during Américana Passover. In that case, because what we had created was a dinner ritual, there's something that can actually be left with the fandom to converge around once the performance is done -- a ritual which can be repeated and owned by the fans. In the realms where I am a fan, and where I have spent time with other fans, fans gather around artifacts and aspects they can own -- lore, languages, physical artifacts, practices, etc...