Saturday, December 8, 2012

PERSONAL: Good Week for the Internet

It has been a great week here in New York for the internet reaching out and fostering human connection. First, thanks to Ian Moss for organizing Createquity Office Hours -- it was a great opportunity to meet some of the other great writers for Createquity, and other sharp people in the New York arts community. It's great to remember that there are innovative people at all kinds of organizations, from visual, musical, and performing arts.

And then, on a wholly different note, went to the live show of the Earwolf podcast How Did This Get Made at the Bell House, where a packed crowd of hipsters all tried to figure out why the movie The Devil's Advocate is as bad as it is:

At any rate, that's something people should consider when they go on about how live performance creates community and the internet makes people alone. I think together they make a powerful couple... like peanut butter and jelly when you fry it.