Thursday, November 29, 2012

ARTS NEWS: Freelancer Medical Center

Fractured Atlas is one option for health insurance, but another option is the Freelancer's Union. I actually have a day job that provides me with health insurance, but for those who don't, those are two options. I haven't done any compare/contrast between the two -- I'd love to hear from recipients of both.

Here in New York, the Freelancer's Union has kicked their healthcare up a notch, via Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn:

Thanks to Horowitz’s vision, Freelancers Medical is open to FIC enrollees, offering primary care as well as preventative and personal wellness programs (guided meditation, yoga, mental health services, and nutrition counseling). 
Very smart to have preventative health and wellness programs 
“I’m thrilled to launch Freelancers Medical, our new cutting-edge healthcare program with a dedicated primary care practice in the heart of Brooklyn,” said Horowitz and quoted in a recent press release. 
“Forty-two million of the nation’s most innovative, entrepreneurial workers struggle to cover their basic healthcare needs because they’re freelancers, and don’t have the luxury of work-sponsored health insurance. That’s why we’re harnessing the growing market power of the independent workforce and re-imagining what healthcare can and should be for new economy workers.” 
At Freelancers Medical’s primary care practice, patients can expect:
–No co-pay
–Free Wi-Fi
–Access to doctors and health coaches by phone, text, email, and Skype
–Free workshops onsite focused on health, wellness, and prevention, including healthy cooking classes, smoking cessation programs, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and ergonomics.