Wednesday, October 5, 2011

PERSONAL: 1,001...

So, last week, it was Post #1,000. A post about the past.

Today: Post #1,001. A post about the future.

After all, this is a blog about the future. The future of culture.

So the question is, what am I going to do better in the next 1,000 that I didn't do in the last 1,000? What's next for this blog?

I had some grandiose plans, and I've been whittling away the useless or bullshit ones, but I know there's one thing that's important to me.

1,000 posts means I'm here to stay, and it means that I'm not just futzing around anymore. And that means, the 1,000 posts I've written are important to me, as should the next posts. Up until now, I've been treating CultureFuture like a long-form twitter: writing my posts, hitting post, and moving on with my life.

How many of those 1,000 posts are posts that stick? That stay? And what made them different?

Often, it was when I hovered around a certain topic or issue, revisited it in multiple posts, got the chance to refine my thoughts. Multi-part posts (Eulogy Overload I, II, III, IV, V, VI; Grassroots and Power I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII; Making the Case I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and a round-up) allow me time to refine my argument, play with different ideas, and create something else.

But if I'm going to put in that time, then I'd better make sure it's not just vapor into the air. So I'm going to be looking at ways to compile past and future multi-part posts into page on this site, so that if someone comes to this blog for the first time, they can find the stuff that's really worth it, rather than waiting to see when it comes up.

Here are the areas I know I am going to be tracking:

  • PRAGMATICS - You may not know this, but I wrote a thesis on the subject of A Pragmatic Guide to Theater. (I introduced it here it here). There's a lot of material to go through, and slowly release on this blog and recompile. Basically, it's the collection of my opinions on how to approach the arts in a practical, choice-and-effects-based way from the artistic perspective.
  • SOLUTIONS - One of the things that can happen on this blogosphere is that it becomes a place to air frustrations. For good reason -- here are people who can think of solutions, and sometimes people have come up with interesting thought-experiment proposals on how to solve them. But if we just air those solutions and move on, then we wasted time. I want to break down the problems we've already talked about (diversity issues, funding issues, etc.) and the solutions that have been proposed (with proper attributions, I promise). If someone is putting them into practice, I will update people on their progress.
  • MAKING THE CASE FOR THE ARTS - One of my favorite areas I've addressed is how we make the case for the arts. I want to keep holding onto those arguments, and deepening them with more citations and more information.
This is all talk. You'll start seeing it soon (I hope).

Also, I hope to improve my proofreading over the next 1,00 posts... no promises.

(yes I left that typo in on purpose.)

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