Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well it's New Years, the end of a decade which everyone seems to have settled on calling the "Aughts" but which I steadfastly insist on calling "The Turn of the Millenium" a la "Turn of the Century" which I think worked out really good for McKinley.

Over the last week or so I've been getting a lot of hat tips, linkage, and pushbback from a wide array of folks, all of whom I deeply respect, and it's been very wonderful getting to join them in this conversation: Ian Moss (who's been supporting me for a while), Isaac Butler, 99Seats, August Schulenberg, Ian Thal, and Leonard Jacobs. I probably should even thank Andrew Breibart for unleashing the trolls on me, because it spurred me to take a look at things I believed.

Happy new year, blogosphere!