Friday, January 22, 2010

Conversation II: You, Yourself, And Your Audience

Culture is a conversation. I keep saying that. Each of us puts forward our little bits of culture because we want to engage with each other (or the egotistical ones who just want to be heard; just as bad in conversation as they are in culture).

So obviously, I think that any time we actually engage in conversation, we're going to improve our artmaking as well as whatever else we gain in the conversation. In a previous post I mentioned Don Hall's nice approach of publicly communicating with critics. Next, via Rob Wienert-Kendt's The Wicked Stage, American Theatre uses Facebook to actually talk to the audience. Specifically, they decide to talk to the potential audience, as opposed to the realized audience. They ask the question: Why do you not see a particular play? The answers are not life-shattering, but are definitely worth looking over.