Sunday, November 2, 2008

Racists For Obama?

Required reading for this post.

A few thoughts:

1) I didn't realize anyone could make Palin's shouting mobs sound centrist.

2) I didn't realize we still had organized groups of supremacists. It's a good thing someone's out there asking for their opinion.

3) I feel kind of guilty giving those people space... it's like the old "Should we be showing this?" conundrum.

4) My first response was "Oh my God... we've got Nazis judging Barack Obama by the content of his character, not by the color of his skin." Isn't this fantastic? I mean, when we reach the point that Nazis or Klan members hatred of black people just isn't enough to turn them away from a black candidate to a white candidate--and when their dislike of the white candidate is basically based on issues (granted, incredibly reductionist, distorted issues)...

5) I think this speaks to two facts: one, that it is hard to remain racist against an individual that you've gotten to know and like; secondly, that this whole "Who is Barack Obama?" tactic appears not to be working against its most targeted audience. (And if you think that tactic isn't a racial tactic, then I'd like to point out Arlen Specter basically hoping for the Bradley Effect to bring Obama down)

6) On the other hand, these people are still incredibly racist, misguided people. The fact that today they've done the right thing does not forgive the fact that they clearly continue to bear a lot of hatred and close-mindedness.

That is all.

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