Friday, May 30, 2014

SNEAK PEEK: Baby No More Times

This isn't a review, because it was a work in progress, but I also saw Baby No More Times at the Jam On Toast festival from New Georges, playing at Dixon Place,

It's a feminist pop music cabaret -- engaging, fun, it zips along poking fun at all those experiences women share, but which aren't reflected in our popular culture. To spoil the content of the show would be to spoil some great joke reveals, but suffice it to say that this is a night of music and fun that you'll genuinely enjoy, and feel good about attending.

And you can see it at ANT Fest later this summer. And you should see it at ANT Fest later this summer.

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leewriter said...

I am Lee Eide, a playwright from the Twin Cities area with a theater project that I'm uber excited about. Here's what I mean:
The crowd-funding campaign launched on December 5, 2015 for our Wal-Mart musical farce entitled "World-Mart: A Musical Love Story". The goal is to stage the play locally (Red Wing) and see where it goes from there.

Is it the funniest musical ever? Well not yet but after we fill out remainder of the cast and stage the production, it's very, very possible. Yeah, I'm biased, you want a piece of me��?


Musical highlight: The finale, "Walking on Fun Shine" done to tune of "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves.

Song is a knock off of "Walking on Sunshine". Keep in mind everyone in the make-believe store -- employees, store managers, customers, vendors and even the bank ladies -- will be singing and dancing. The bank ladies will even toss bundles of bills up in the air.

Okay, here we go:

I used to maybe think                        
I loved your global retail empire,

Now I'm sure,                                      
And I just can't wait for                      
The day your e-mail notification  of a sale arrives,      

Every time I go to the mailbox.          
I'm just prayin' for a flyer.  
Announcing a sale at your store,    
Now I'm walking on fun shine,     

Whoa I'm walking on fun shine (available exclusively at World-Mart), And Lordy, Lordy, it feels World-Mart good,

Hey alright, and don't it feel good.
I used to think maybe I loved your global retail empire,  Now I'm certain

Don't want to pay higher prices, Then my wallet is a hurtin','
I feel richer, I feel the real retail deal, I feel richer, I feel the real retail deal.

I'm walking on fun shine, oh baby, That's right, I'm walking  on fun shine (patent pending),                                  
I'm even talking on fun shine,      
That's right, and it feels Worl-Mart good.

Oh I'm walking on fun shine, whoa, And I'm stocking on fun shine,

And it feels World-Mart good,        
Hey alright now,
and don't it feel World-Mart good.

I'll say it once more, Don't it feel (patent still pending) World-Mart good.

Now don't it feel good, don't it, don't it, don't it, don't it don't it feel World-Mart good,
And so on with more "I feel World-Mart good"'s,  "don't it feel good", "don't it feel World-Mart good", and like that.

For more info, please contact playwright Lee A. Eide at 651-703-0540 or see blog at