Monday, October 8, 2012

PLUG: Américana Passover

I'll make this quick and to the point.

For two years I've been working on a piece with my performance company, Organs of State, called Américana Passover.

We started with the election season, at the beginning of the 2011, and the first seeds of our current performance season, What The State Provides. My collaborators and I began to wonder what was possible for America -- at a time when Americans largely feel that we're on the wrong track, what would it look like to instigate change in that kind of change.

We decided that what we wanted to do was create a new American ritual. Based around the Passover Seder, we decided to tell the story of the promise that was given to us, the promise that we were all created equal -- a promise that still to this day is not fully realized, a promise that we struggle each day to bring into being.

And we decided that we wanted this passover ritual around a table, with food.

It's finally here.

For the three weeks heading up to the election, we're inviting nine people per night to engage in this ritual with us. It's at Two Moon Art House & Café, home to a beautiful little community in Park Slope.

Because there's nine seats per night, it's an extremely intimate affair, so if people come in a group, you can basically curate a little private performance.

And also, because there's nine seats per night, tickets are limited, so if you want to come, get yours soon.