Tuesday, February 7, 2012

QUOTE OF THE DAY 2: Two Decoder Two Furious

There's another great installment of "The Decoder", where Howard Sherman breaks down awful PR speak into understandable tid-bits.

I just wanted to highlight this one:
7. Timely = addresses topic that is in the news a lot right now and boy, did we get lucky on the timing.
Really, I just wanted to smile and share how funny it is when these things happen... obviously in our line of work, being timely is just a massive accident.

Right now, we're running a huge interactive performance online (haven't been following? check it out here), and one of the tangential components was this dumb video uploaded by one of the characters:  

It posted the day before the massive internet blackouts that caused SOPA and PIPA to be withdrawn from consideration. Here's the thing, though -- and you'll have to believe me on this -- we recorded it in December, when really it was only the sort of thing TechCrunch or BoingBoing or Slashdot were following. 

We had absolutely no idea that the day we would post it, it would be so timely as to almost seem crass.