Sunday, December 4, 2011

SCIENCE?: The Joy of Theater

I wish I could believe this, but this shit sounds bananas:
According to a new UK study involving Apple and the London School of Economics — reported by Hannah Thomas at Marie Claire — people are happiest when they are having sex, exercising, and visiting the theatre. Sure, the having sex part is a no brainer. The exercise part is a bit surprising; people are often pretty happy when they've finished exercising — your feel-good hormones are coursing through your body and you have a great sense of accomplishment — but the during part can be quite a struggle. And the theatre? Hey, I like theatre — but I only get there a few times a year, and I imagine only very few people make it part of their regular routine.
I put the question mark after "science" because the data-set is self-reported (there's an app where people mark how content they are), there's no control, it includes only a select group (users of the app), etc. ... at best, it's about as reliable as OK Trends.