Friday, April 8, 2011

Are We Using The Better Business Bureau, or is it Crap?

I was reading the terrible reviews for Time Warner Cable on Yelp (there's a liveblog in there that's quite worth it), and someone mentioned reporting issues to the Better Business Bureau.

I decided to make a cursory glance at what the Better Business Bureau thinks of Time Warner Cable, and discovered that it thinks pretty highly of it. "A+" highly.

Considering the vitriol that has been heaped on Time Warner Cable in its time, and considering the fact that every single person I speak to has had some strange Kafkaesque nightmare scenario with Time Warner (mine lasted several weeks -- I'm starting to have one with the National Grid too, actually). So, why the A+?

Are we not using it? Is it blind to issues in the community? Is it symptomatic of some sort of corrupt influence? Are these rhetorical questions I have no ability to answer?

The answer to the last one is yes.

(Update: Consumer Reports appears to have many of the same questions.)


youngrebels75 said...

I've reported several companies including TWC to the BBB, and yeah, they do nothing. It's an absolute waste of taxpayer dollars. By the way, if you find any lawsuits or lawyers out there who will represent clients to sue Time Warner Cable, please post on this wall.

Anonymous said...

The BBB is a Non-Profit organization, NOT supported by your tax dollars. Did you follow up with your complaint? What was the response from the company? Did they remedy the problem? If not, bring it to the attention of the BBB to make sure they can change the report. It only takes 3 minutes to change a report...I use to do it many years ago.

CultureFuture said...

I myself didn't have a problem worth escalating to the BBB, but reading through the reviews on Yelp! it seems like there's a huge gap between Yelp's consumer-driven rating of TWC and BBB's A+ rating. Obviously, if no one reports it, then the BBB is not to blame for not doing much, but it does strain credibility.

daisy5490 said...

I posted a comment on BBB for something else before and they got in contact with me. Now Time Warner Cable is being a pain in the ass to me. I see lots of complaints but yet an A+.