Sunday, December 5, 2010

By late afternoon Eastern time, more than 200 had answered the call, setting up "mirror" sites, many of them with the name "wikileaks" appended to their Web addresses. They organized themselves organically using the Twitter hashtag #imwikileaks, in a virtual show of solidarity reminiscent of the movie V is for Vendetta. In that 2005 film, a Guy-Fawkes masked vigilantee inspires thousands of Londoners to march on the Parliament similarly disguised -- while it blows up in front of their eyes. Presumably, many of these people believe they are facing the same sort of tyranny that V, the film's protagonist, fought against.

Really, Foreign Policy? So they're all posting #imwikileaks. And it reminds you of a movie. And that movie is... V for Vendetta. Might I suggest you rent the incredible movie Spartacus:

Of course, maybe it makes no difference. Although V is a terrorist (albeit a sympathetic one) and Spartacus was the leader of a slave uprising.

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