Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Legal Commentary: Attorney Generals in All 50 States

Oct. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Top legal officers of all 50 states opened a joint investigation into home foreclosures, saying they will seek an immediate halt to any improper practices at banks and mortgage companies.

The states will conduct a coordinated inquiry into whether banks and loan servicers used false documents and signatures to justify hundreds of thousands of foreclosures. The group intends to establish independent monitoring, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, who is leading the group, said today in a statement.
What if we had someone whose job it was to investigate on behalf of all 50 states? Some sort of central, almost federal office, almost like a Federal Attorney General.

Oh wait.

Seriously, where is Eric Holder? (other than being cussed at by Carl Paladino). I dig that he's busy, but this foreclosure crisis is a pretty big fucking deal.

Well, okay, he announced the arrest of 88 law enforcement agents in Puerto Rico. And he was out last week to explain why we shouldn't go to Europe. And he hasn't been able to try terrorists in civilian courts.

Okay, I guess he is busy. But still.

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