Thursday, July 23, 2009

IndyMill Publishing gets out a second Book

I'm in the field of self-promotion, like everyone in the not-particularly-profitable field. Today's self promotion is actually only a semi-self-promotion:

IndyMill Publishing (blog here) has just released its second book, Fractal Uni Verses, by Amanda Killian (covers beautifully rendered by Max Reuben).

I say semi-self-promotion because it is my publishing company (well, I am the publishing company), and I did have the distinction of editing the book and making it happen.

BUT! This is also a moment for me to promote a close friend of mine who writes beautiful poetry that glides gently between sparkling wit and quietly reflective poetry. Consider buying it today:

It's only $2.00 for a digital copy, or $10.00 if you want a beautiful physical copy to hold in your hands.

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