Friday, March 6, 2009

Proposition 8's Court Battle

One of Andrew Sullivan's readers wrote:

At the Calif. Supreme Court hearings today, I saw the lowest of the lows: A pro-Prop 8 protester proudly wielding a hand-written poster which read, "Dan White: Hero For Killing A Queer."

Not much commentary or reaction I can provide you. I was rendered mute.

This is another reason I disagree with Sullivan on the subject of whether the court should decide against Prop 8. How will the man who is holding that poster feel when the Court agrees with him that there's no constitutional reason why gays should be allowed to marry? He's going to believe that his movement has chalked up another victory, that the government is on his side--perhaps he'll feel that God has blessed him with that victory, or that his presence as a threatening force has helped persuade to government in their decision.

Of course, that's aside from my main reason why I disagree--because I think proposition 8 is a travesty before the face of the Constitution, and that no court should have the temerity to believe that such a law is constitutional.