Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Obamadministration: Envoys

Via Andrew Sullivan, Marc Ambinder reports on Obama's new Envoys.

I was wondering where Richard Holbrooke got off to. If you look back at my original (and wildly inaccurate) predictions of the Obaminet, you'll see I predicted a higher prediction for Holbrooke. I've heard some criticisms of Holbrooke, but he still seems to me a highly competent--if perhaps controversial and sometimes big-mouthed--public servant. But chief envoy to South-East Asia is a very flexible, complex, and difficult role.

Think about it. On the one hand, he's going to be coordinating war between Afghanistan-Pakistan and Taliban-Al Qaeda. On the other hand, he's going to be preserving peace between Pakistan and India. And then on top of that, he's going to be dealing with the implications and trade policy of the new emerging India of which we've heard so much about.

So, not Secretary of State. But still crucial.

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