Thursday, July 24, 2014

LITNY Crosspost: Making a Difference 201 with the League of Independent Theater

The League of Independent Theater posted a top 10 from their meeting on "Making a Difference" during Indie Theater Week:

LIT Making a Difference 201 – TOP 10
Making a difference for… surviving NYC!
1) In 2013, the political committee met more than 50 candidates, endorsed 19 candidates, and elected 10 to office – including City Comptroller, Brooklyn Borough President, and a number of city council seats. Even candidates who did not get elected are passionate about paying it back to LIT, including Cathy Guerriero, who joined our board!
2) The political committee is currently working on legislation with the candidates we helped elect to get access at unused or underused city-owned spaces!
3) The Real Estate committee has two projects that can make rehearsing in NY so much easier: the Subsidized Rehearsal Space project, where you can get 5,000 square feet of rehearsal space (!!!) for nothing more than chipping in on the insurance, and…
4) The Charter Barter Space project, where LIT pairs artists with a parent school for free rehearsal space in return for providing workshops for students! (Applications on website when available)!
5) The new Unification committee is looking for opportunities to connect to other advocacy organizations, arts organizations, community organizations, you name it – just let us know if you know anyone!
Making a difference for… our planet!
6) Some great non-wasteful theater resources:
  • The new SH.I.T. list, for dumping production material after strike or finding material for your next show:
  • TDF Costume Collection:
  • Build It Green
  • Film Biz Recycling
7) The Broadway Green Alliance is helping make theater in NY green – not just Broadway, but Off-Broadway and Independent as well!
8) Broadway/Off-Broadway houses are introducing “Green Captains” to productions – volunteers who can answer green questions, help source materials in a green way, or post “green kits” of information. has more information on what you can do, or just
Making a difference for … LIT!
9) You can help LIT make even more of a difference! If you have some time to help out, just let us know what you’re interested in making a difference with and we’ll be glad to have your help!
10) Making a difference doesn’t take too much time! If you can’t volunteer, just repost things we post! Make sure the people you work with know about the League! Bring a buddy to our next meeting!