Thursday, March 14, 2013

LOCAL2013: Meet The Candidates II - District Breakdown

I've mentioned before the League of Independent Theater Meet the Candidates 2013 event which brought together 20-odd candidates to debate areas of arts policy as pertains to a specific arts platform, and their campaigns for 2013.

Above is a chart gathered by our diligent and faithful box office team, showing which districts the attendees came from.

Three quick observations:

  • Manhattan 3 -- this is Speaker Christine Quinn's district, which she is vacating, providing for an open race. It includes both Times Square and Greenwich village, so it's no surprise that the performing arts would be well represented. And we had two interesting activist candidates running for the seat in attendance -- Corey Johnson and Yetta Kurland
  • Manhattan 6 -- also an open seat, as Councilwoman Gale Brewer is running for Manhattan Borough President (her opponents Robert Jackson and Julie Menin were in attendance). Covers the Upper West Side. Two candidates were in attendance: Marc Landis and Mel Wymore.
  • Queens 26 -- Now, this surprised me. Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer (Chair of the Cultural Affairs committee) gave a rousing set of opening remarks, but he's an incumbent and didn't have any opponents on hand. Is it because he's a passionate supporter of the arts? Is it because Long Island City is a new performing arts haven, with quick access to the City? Was it the presence of Peter Vallone, Jr. who is running for Queens Borough President?
As we get further into this, I'm planning on doing deeper dives on the interesting candidates, on the interesting races, and on the endorsements that the League is making. For right now, I'm just mulling over it, and hoping that the video is online very soon.